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Our Cinderella Story

Wednesday, January 31, 2018​​

Our story begins when our daughter Amber was about 2 years old and now is 23 years old, asked her dad if he would make her a Cinderella Carriage, well even at this young age she and all of us girls and ladies want to be Cinderella! 

Well about a year later it was a Dream Come True we had our first Cinderella Carriage!  My husband Stan got me my first driving horse Holly for Christmas (it was a total surprise).  And from that moment on we as a family my husband, daughter and myself have been making our Company Cindy Cinderella Carriages a growing business as a Elegant horse drawn carriage company is Southern California.

This is my passion in life starting at a young age of 7 when Santa Claus gave me my first pony “Tammy”.  From that moment on I was hooked on the love and amazement these wonderful majestic horses can give you.

We pride ourselves in what we have to offer, beautiful and loving horses that are not just a work horse but part of our family which has now grown from 1 to 7 wonderful Percheron/Cross Draft horses. Our Cinderella Carriages that my husband has built and maintains to perfection and our daughter Amber who has been the inspiration from the beginning has become a beautiful young lady who drives these amazing horses making everyone she meets smile!

"We are greatly proud to continue to be a part of Riverside's growth... we do it for the love of doing something wonderful and beautiful for all to see!" ~ Cindy 2019